Wednesday, January 27, 2010

in case you didn't see my twitter or facebook...

I met Khloe Kardashian yesterday!!!!!

I am so incredibly star struck. I live for celeb gossip and LOVE all of their reality tv shows. This totally made my week, maybe the year, all 25 days of it so far.

We had a team dinner at Maggiano's last night at the Tyson's Corner Galleria. I carpooled with a coworker that lives near me and we parked outside of Neiman Marcus so she could return something before dinner.

After an AMAZING dinner, we were walking back out through Neiman's and I couldn't bear to leave without just LOOKING at the shoes. (The only thing I've ever bought at Neiman's were my wedding shoes, the most gorgeous Manolo Blahniks you will ever see.) So as I'm drooling over my dream pair of Louboutin's a girl is sitting nearby trying ona pair that the sales guy had just brought out. She tries them on and with such nonchalance says "Yeah, I'll take them". In SHOCK that someone would buy Louboutin's as such an afterthought I glanced over to see who this woman could possibly be. There was the adorable brunette surrounded by shopping bags. I made a double take and whispered to Kelly "That is so Khloe".

We browsed around the shoes, stealing glances, for a few more minutes then walked out.On our way out I stopped Kelly and said "Why the heck is she in DC? We can't just walk away like that! We have to go find out" So we turned back around and walked back in. As we approached her she is telling the sales guy that Lamar is playing the Wizards so she is in town as a Roadie Wife. I apologized profusely for interrupting her night, but that we are huge fans and asked as nice as I could for a picture. She was SO sweet. So nice. And adorable. She is SO much prettier in person than on TV and TEENY. Seriously, she is teeny. She's tall but so skinny!!! I love the Kardashians, but never really had a favorite, she shot to the top of that list!!!!

I couldn't sleep last night because I was thinking of all of the things I wish I had asked her. I seriously have a problem, I honestly believe I could be besties with all celebrities. Maybe one day I will....

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

the one where the library helped me cross #26 off

I recently rediscovered the library. I dragged Hubs there to get Library cards in mid-November. I started out with cookbooks. I loved being able to browse through them for three weeks and only make the recipes that grabbed my attention. I wrote down the ones we liked and returned the bulky book. Good food, no clutter. Can't beat it. 

I then moved onto pleasure reading books. I always walk out with a smile and never spend more than 2 minutes actually IN the library. I keep a running list of books I have heard good things about from friends, blogs, magazines, anywhere. I log on whenever I think about it and put those books on my Hold Queue. I get an email when my books are ready and waiting and breeze on in, grab them from the Hold Shelf and Self Checkout in minutes. I can even renew my books online when I am too optimistic on how many books I can read in 3 weeks. I love it. I have inadvertently turned myself back into a reader. I blew my 101 in 1001 reading goal out of the water and now aiming to read at least 40 books this year. Today I picked up the new Nicolas Sparks book. Usually I drop the cash to get these as soon as they come out. Today I walked out with the Hardback, FREE. 

Quick, convenient, and did I mention FREE. Doesn't get any better. Get yourself a library card STAT!!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Domestic Goddess Giveaway

This one has topped them all. I haven't blogged about giveaways before, but I REALLY want to win this one! Go visit The Life Accounts to see her Domestic Goddess Giveaway. It includes the Pioneer Woman Cookbook, Custom Set of Spices, an adorable apron, and Le Creuset ramekins and stoneware.


Head on over to enter for your chance to win.

Happy New Year!!!! (12 days late)

Holy cow, can't believe we're almost 2 weeks into the New Year! I hope everyone had safe and happy celebrations.

We laid low with the pups at our favorite couple's house. We woke up to Sidney getting a little sick (someone had too many puppy treats the night before) about 7am. Once we realized we were awake for the day and no hope of going back to sleep we went home to tackle our To Do list. By 10 we had undecorated and packed up the Christmas tree and were on our way to my Mom's house to store it for the year. We helped her get her tree down and were back to our house for more work! We touched up some spots with paint we had noticed over the week and finished just in time for the Penn State Bowl Game!!! It was a stressful 2nd half and I was so happy to see them pull out the win!

After the game there was still more work to do. With the new paint colors husband started seeing our little apartment as being a bit more grown up. This meant no more kegerator in the middle of the living room (THANK GOODNESS). We borrowed a neighbors car and got that sucker loaded up and took it to the storage unit to swap for the oversized chair that matches our couch. Now we have even more incentive to get that new house! Hubs wants his man cave complete with his kegerator!

Hopefully the year will continue to be as productive as that first day was! We love making lists and crossing chores off, it's a great sense of accomplishment.