Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's the little things

Hello there! Bet you thought I forgot about you. I've had tons of stuff I've wanted to blog about and just so darn busy to get on here and post anything. Here's a quicky for you...

Maybe it's because Spring is in there air, but I'm on an organizing kick. We do not have any cabinets in our bathroom, just drawers, so these get pretty out of control. It was time that we wrangle in all of that mess and get it all straightened out once and for all. So I hopped on over to Bed Bath & Beyond and picked up some drawer organizers. I wanted something with slanted sections so that each item would be easy to find and grab. We ended up with this:

Much better than everything just being thrown in there. Now the test is to see how long it will last.

Do you have any organizing secrets or tough spots to get put together in an orderly fashion?