Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer Lovin'

The official start of summer is still 10 days away, but in my mind, Memorial Day kicks off the vacation season! Vacations are planned, pools are open, and it is HOT in the DMV (District, Maryland, Virginia). This summer is actually jam packed with vacations for me. I've saved up time off and I'm heading to the islands!

First up, Barbados for 12 days with my mom and Husband. Mom and I relaxing with my Aunt for the first few days and then trading an Aunt for a husband the last week. My mom has a timeshare for two weeks there, so this is the 6th year I've gone down there. I love the resort and the island. This year we're planning to try out some new adventures like zip lining!

We then are taking a long weekend with one of my Besties to go to NASCAR. Brian Vickers may be out for the season, but you can't keep me away from those rednecks!

The surprise addition to all of this was winning the annual Club trip from work. 5 days in the Bahamas with another Bestie (hubs can't go to vacation limits at work, sad)

I was accepting of my less than stellar post wedding bod because the only bathing suit wearing was with mom and hubs. No big deal. Now all of a sudden I have to put on a suit in front of co workers! Luckily the two other girls from my group going are awesome and totally non judgmental, but I should put in some effort, right?

This week I started watching what I'm eating and drinking, logging those WW points, and working out. I'm taking it super slow with the workouts since I have done absolutely nothing for about a year. I downloaded the Couch 2 5k app for my iPhone. Trying to make it out three days a week for a run and the other days basking in the AC of the gym and doing a little elliptical work. I'm not expecting miracles but I have over a month to make progress.

What are your summer plans? Has the thought of a swim suit gotten you to start busting your behind into workout mode???


  1. I've thought about a bathing suit... thought about it. My summer trips are NYC and Paris - no bathing suit involved. Still, I need to get fit. It is a little pathetic how seldom I work out.

  2. Hope you're having fun on all your trips! Just got back from a beach vacation myself and the swim suit part was NOT fun!