Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bad News Bears

Just weighed myself.


I've gained. A lot. In a week. WHAT THE HECK

I'm only four pounds down from January 1st. I want to cry.

There are 60 days before 2012. And a goal without a deadline is nothing but a dream, right?

So here it goes.

I'm going to lose 27 pounds in 60 days. This gets me to a nice round number and a respectable 31 lbs in one year.

My race is about half way. So that's 14 lbs down by December 3rd.

And if this was twitter, I'd end with #letsdothis


  1. it could just be water weight! i always gain after the weekend...and am back down by thursday. but yeah, no more pigging out weekends!

  2. Oh no, that never feels good! I'm up about 6 this month if that makes you feel any better. Try not to panic too much, watch what you eat & try to exercise a little more, then try again next week. Sometimes it's just an off week. In regards to trying to drop that much weight so fast, I'd recommend lots of cardio.