Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How I Came to Blog

I didn't really get "blogging" and why people blogged and what it was all about. Then I got engaged. One day searching for some wedding inspiration I came across Weddingbee.com. That was it. I was hooked, it was my crack. I faithfully logged in everyday (often 5 or 6 times a day) and read every word that was written. I started clicking on links that the Bees would post of other blogs or their own blogs. A year later my google reader has 21 blogs listed. Whenever I finish a task at work or just need a mental break, I click into my reader and submerse myself into someone else's world. One of these days I might actually leave a comment on some of my favorites and get someone to read about MY world!!!

Now that I'm married I thought I would be done with The Bee. Unfortunately an addict can't quit cold turkey. I love reading the recaps of the weddings I read about in their planning stages and sending ideas to my engaged friends. I have subscribed to several of the married Bees' personal blogs and love reading about their newlywed lives.

As I'm trying to move away from wedding blogs and into the next phase of my life, I'm looking for decorating blogs. I currently subscribe to decor8 and Unclutterer. Both fun homemaking blogs, but I'm looking for more, MORE!!! Any good ones I'm missing out there? I'm on a budget, so I need ideas more about using what I already have or using cheapy finds to spruce up the home.

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