Monday, July 27, 2009

Stay at Home Date Night

Mondays are a rough day for me. I have to head off to work while Tony has every Monday off. By about 2PM I'm usually jealous that he's had the whole day off to run errands, hang out with the pups, and just get things done. Today we were chatting about evening plans and we decided to have an earlyish dinner, watch the first movie off our Top 100 and get him to sleep in time for me to watch Bachelorette.

It was the best night. I could come straight home after work since I had worked out at lunch. Dinner was about 5 minutes to being ready, just enough time for me to pour a bottle of red into the decanter we got as a wedding gift.

Dinner was Mediterranean salad, chicken, and potatoes, nothing fancy, just the way we like it. We cleaned up the kitchen when we were done eating and made our way to the couch. We settled in to watch Citizen Kane (it was very good) and got Tony all tucked in before 8:30. We definitely decided that this is a good way to watch all of those classic movies to get through on The List. Yummy dinner, good wine out of the fancy decanter and glasses and all before 8. This will have to become a regular occurrence. Yay Mondays!!!!

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