Sunday, August 2, 2009

One Month Down

So the first month of the challenge is done. I've completed three tasks and started 9 others. By creating the list it gave me the motivation to get to some of those things I've been putting off.

The three things I completed are:
1. Starting a blog, as seen here
2. Get an iPhone, got that 2 weeks ago and love every single minute of it. I even bought a case off of from SeaSide Sew that I love.
3. Drink red wine from our fancy decantor. We accomplished that last Monday while we were also starting the list of Top 100 movies.

Items I've started:
I've run 36 of my 1001 miles. I bought a new pair of sneakers and running is completely different when I'm not getting shin splints after one mile.
We started the list of Top 100 movies, Citizen Kane was very good, The Godfather is waiting to be watched this week.
Tony and I went out to a fancy pants dinner while in vacation in Barbados.
I took my mom out to lunch today (cutting it close on the once a month deadline)
Read four books while on vacation.
Put in a hefty chunk of change into our downpayment fund.
Visited the dentist and scheduled my next 6 month cleaning.
Did all of the laundry (even folding and putting away) in one month.
and finally took the dogs out for 2 long walks during my lunch break.

Having items on the list that I want to accomplish several times really motivated me to get out an get started. Like taking my mom out, I love spending time with her and having girl time, but as a newlywed, I tend to pack my weekends with couple activities. It was nice to get out for a bit this afternoon to see her. The dogs benefitted when I got off my butt and take them out instead of watching Bonnie Hunt.

I think this month I'll try to get my closet cleaned up and donate some clothes. I'd like to knock out at least another 40 miles. Our weekend schedules are slowing down, so I can pick out a recipe to try for Tony. I definitely need to get our wedding album approved, I want that beauty at my house already!!!

I'll leave you with some pics of Tony and I at The Cliff in Barbados, amazing dinner.

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