Monday, August 31, 2009

September Slim Down

It's almost officially my birthday month, just mere hours away. Time to ring in another year on the healthy side. I have a wedding to go to the first week in October and I'd love to fit into my rehearsal dinner dress, the hubs really liked that one. I have a couple lbs to lose, but it can be done. So I need motivation. I'm very motivated by money, but if it's my money, I already have it, so what's the point? There are wonderful things on Etsy that I would LOVE to get my hands on. So here's my personal challenge: For every pound lost, one Etsy prize. If I gain that pound back I lose that prize. If I lose it again, the prize is already gone, can't earn it back. This will get me to keep up the good work. No splurging on the weekends!!!! Now for the pretties that I am working towards:

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