Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sweet September

So after burning the midnight oil and working until 1AM last night (this morning?) I turned my alarm off and slept in. I got up and moving about 8:30 and took the dog out about 9:30. I was expecting it to have started warming up for the day, but what met the pups and I this morning? Crisp September air. It was wonderful. It felt like fall.

Fall could be my favorite season. It's hard to choose as each one brings it's own goodness, but so much comes with Fall. This September has so much going on already. Penn State Football starts in 4 short little days and the NFL kicks off just 9 days from now. We have a Nascar race in Richmond and are RAPIDLY approaching our 6 month anniversary. It feels like yesterday we got married and then were in Mexico for the Honeymoon. Oh yea, what else is in September? My birthday! Woot.

Fall brings friends over every weekend to watch the game. Jeans and hoodies. Leaves changing, holidays rapidly approaching, what's not to love? I love that in Virginia we really get to experience every single season so uniquely. It seems that summer flew by without the relaxation that you always hope for, but now that it's over, might as well embrace what is upon us. I am going to try to sneak out of work a bit early so I can get the pups out for a long walk this afternoon to enjoy the weather. Happy First of September everyone!!!

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