Monday, October 26, 2009

all systems are down

This is the second work day that our main systems are down and all productivity comes to a halt. Basically just an afternoon to surf the web and recover from the weekend.

On Saturday we went on a wine tour for a friend's birthday. Living in Northern VA we are less than an hour from DOZENS of amazing vineyards. It's pretty common for people to rent a limo bus and go to three or four for tastings and a couple bottles of wine to share. This was a great afternoon spent with friends, the first time we had all been together since one couple's wedding a few weeks ago. We visited one of our favorites, Doukenie. The owners and winemakers are the nicest people and their wine are awesome. We tried to go back to Hillsborough, where Tony and I got married, but they were closing early to set up for a wedding that night. That couple made a good choice to get married there! We ended up stopping by Notaviva (new vineyard with yummy wines!!!) and Breaux (AMAZING views of the mountains) to round out our day.

Tony and I at Doukenie

Sunday was spent with my mom, 4 year old nephew, and his little BFF. We took them to see Disney On Ice. It was cool to see their little expressions when their favorite characters appeared on the ice. Oh to see the world through a child's eyes again.

Next weekend should be pretty relaxing, we don't really get into Halloween, so we are planning on hibernating and watching movies all night.

How was your weekend? Do you start making plans for the next weekend before you are even totally recovered from the last?

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