Wednesday, January 27, 2010

in case you didn't see my twitter or facebook...

I met Khloe Kardashian yesterday!!!!!

I am so incredibly star struck. I live for celeb gossip and LOVE all of their reality tv shows. This totally made my week, maybe the year, all 25 days of it so far.

We had a team dinner at Maggiano's last night at the Tyson's Corner Galleria. I carpooled with a coworker that lives near me and we parked outside of Neiman Marcus so she could return something before dinner.

After an AMAZING dinner, we were walking back out through Neiman's and I couldn't bear to leave without just LOOKING at the shoes. (The only thing I've ever bought at Neiman's were my wedding shoes, the most gorgeous Manolo Blahniks you will ever see.) So as I'm drooling over my dream pair of Louboutin's a girl is sitting nearby trying ona pair that the sales guy had just brought out. She tries them on and with such nonchalance says "Yeah, I'll take them". In SHOCK that someone would buy Louboutin's as such an afterthought I glanced over to see who this woman could possibly be. There was the adorable brunette surrounded by shopping bags. I made a double take and whispered to Kelly "That is so Khloe".

We browsed around the shoes, stealing glances, for a few more minutes then walked out.On our way out I stopped Kelly and said "Why the heck is she in DC? We can't just walk away like that! We have to go find out" So we turned back around and walked back in. As we approached her she is telling the sales guy that Lamar is playing the Wizards so she is in town as a Roadie Wife. I apologized profusely for interrupting her night, but that we are huge fans and asked as nice as I could for a picture. She was SO sweet. So nice. And adorable. She is SO much prettier in person than on TV and TEENY. Seriously, she is teeny. She's tall but so skinny!!! I love the Kardashians, but never really had a favorite, she shot to the top of that list!!!!

I couldn't sleep last night because I was thinking of all of the things I wish I had asked her. I seriously have a problem, I honestly believe I could be besties with all celebrities. Maybe one day I will....

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