Wednesday, January 20, 2010

the one where the library helped me cross #26 off

I recently rediscovered the library. I dragged Hubs there to get Library cards in mid-November. I started out with cookbooks. I loved being able to browse through them for three weeks and only make the recipes that grabbed my attention. I wrote down the ones we liked and returned the bulky book. Good food, no clutter. Can't beat it. 

I then moved onto pleasure reading books. I always walk out with a smile and never spend more than 2 minutes actually IN the library. I keep a running list of books I have heard good things about from friends, blogs, magazines, anywhere. I log on whenever I think about it and put those books on my Hold Queue. I get an email when my books are ready and waiting and breeze on in, grab them from the Hold Shelf and Self Checkout in minutes. I can even renew my books online when I am too optimistic on how many books I can read in 3 weeks. I love it. I have inadvertently turned myself back into a reader. I blew my 101 in 1001 reading goal out of the water and now aiming to read at least 40 books this year. Today I picked up the new Nicolas Sparks book. Usually I drop the cash to get these as soon as they come out. Today I walked out with the Hardback, FREE. 

Quick, convenient, and did I mention FREE. Doesn't get any better. Get yourself a library card STAT!!!!

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