Thursday, August 26, 2010

I need some Bootie(s)!!!

With cooler temperatures right around the corner, I'm starting to think boots over flip flops will soon be necessary. I have been on a shoe buying hiatus recently with only maybe two or three purchases over the past 12 months, I think I deserve a new pair this year. I'm thinking I need a pair of ankle boots...

The ruffles! The color! I need (want)!!!!!

And because I need Black with ruffles as well....

I've been eyeing these beauts since last fall. By the time I was ready to pull the trigger, no more 6 1/2 or 7s. Looks like they haven't restocked since last year either. Someone needs to get these though so I can live vicariously through your stylin' feet.

And because I need Cherry Red booties as well. I am totally loving the ankle boots this year.

And one final pair, a little pricier than the previous, even with Banana reward cards and discounts. Still love the simple ruffle. 

What is on the top of your Fall shopping list?

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