Sunday, January 30, 2011

the new addition

So after the Sofa Debacle of 2010 (where we got a little tipsy at brunch and bought a new sofa that we didn't need) and all the old furniture was gone, there was quite a bit of time with just the new couch, nothing else in the living room. I had sold the coffee table since it was too big for our space, sold the arm chair that had matched the old sofa and we were left with just a sofa with nothing else.

I started scouring the interwebs looking for just the chair and coffee table or ottoman to put in the room. Lo and behold, I found just the perfect chair at Target of all places. All of the furniture I had seen in stores has seemed to be very college dorm room. When I was looking online, I was a little weary of what the quality would be like. The chair I wanted happened to be 15%, plus free shipping, and I got 6% cash back from ebates. With a deal like that I pulled the trigger and ordered. Hubs unpacked and assembled it before I even got home.

I walked into the house to find my new love.

The color is fantastic with our green walls, but isn't so bold that it over powers the room. The added seating was also a bonus. Now the sofa doesn't look so lonely.

We also got a couple other items from Target that I am absolutely smitten with. 

A little blurry, but this is the Chesapeake Dining Buffet

And the Falls Village Nightstand, I can't get a picture of it, but check out the link.

These two items were a little time consuming to put together, but totally worth it. I love them, and I love that they are from Target even more.

Next up on the search list, the perfect coffee table or ottoman. I'd really like an over sized storage ottoman, we'll see what I can find.

Do you have any go to places for online furniture shopping?

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