Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A new month, new goals

So starting in February I'm trying a new tactic at achieving some of my annual goals. I decided to make a visual reminder, paper chain links to be torn down as steps are made to making the certain goal.

I've made four chains. Three for monetary goals and one for my weight loss goal. I'm hoping to have a HUGE dent in these chains by the end of the year, with at least two of them GONE.

I took some pics of me with the chains so you can see what I'll be chipping away at all year. I really got dressed up for ya'll. Wet hair, PJs, just for you guys.

Since one of these is a weight loss goal, lets consider these before pics, cause I look TERRIBLE.

Up first, the weight I want to lose. Each link represents 3 pounds. My starting weight will be what I weighed in on January 1. I've already gotten to take down two links, almost three. Well on my way!!!!

This one is our credit card debt. I plan to reduce this one by at LEAST 3 links per month. I figured if I could take links off for smaller amounts, I could see the progress quicker and stay motivated. This one will be GONE by the end of the year.

Up next, our down payment fund. This just represents the difference between what we have and what we'd LIKE to have to put a much more sizeable amount down. Again, hopefully we can knock a couple out a month. Who knows.....

And here is the final chain. It's taller than I am! This one represents the difference between what we own and what we can sell the condo for without bringing any money to the table. This will be the toughest one to get down, but again, wanted to make the links in small enough increments that we'll see results.

Here are where the links will live. On the bedroom closet door. I'll see them several times a day and be reminded of what we're working towards. As I see the chains disappearing, I'll get more and more motivated to keep it up. When they are all gone, that's when we can get back on track to buy a house.

Here's the kicker. I also made some black links. These will be ADDED to the chains if we start going the wrong direction. If I gain the weight back, if credit card balances go up instead of down.

I'll take some pics as the year goes on to see what progress is being made.

How do you track your goals and stay motivated throughout the year?

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