Sunday, April 29, 2012

Catching up

I bet you would think I meant catching up on what's been going on since I disappeared, nope, but I do have tons to share (don't you love a teaser?). This is about catching up with old friends.

This weekend I went out with my best friend from middle school. We were inseparable for a couple years and remained close through high school. We kept in touch for the first couple years of college, but the distance caught up. It had been close to ten years since we had talked. When I saw Titanic was being released, I reached out to her to go see it for old times sake. This weekend was my 5th time seeing it in the theater and her 18th!!!!

We went to lunch first and almost chatted our way right through our show time. We caught up on families, mutual friends, jobs, how we met our husbands, our weddings and her first baby. It had been almost a decade, but we picked right back up. I don't have tons of friends from my childhood that I still keep up with, but it was so refreshing to have the history we shared. We both went away for school, but ended back close to where we started. I am looking forward to more marathon chat sessions and introducing our husbands.

Have you ever reconnected with someone from your past? What was your friendship like after so many years?

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