Thursday, February 2, 2012

The List: Crossed of #20

I added No Drinking for 30 Consecutive Days under my Be Healthy section of my 101 in 1001 list. I put it on there with good intentions, but didn't think I would actually accomplish this one.

2012 started with me saying I was going to get to my goal weight this year for once and all. Part of my effort to getting there was setting small (hopefully attainable) monthly goals so I wouldn't get discouraged and give up. I decided I wouldn't drink each month until I met each of those goals in an effort to get there sooner. Drinking is just murder to any diet or healthy choices I aim for. When I'm out drinking, I'm likely to be in a bar or at someone's house. There is likely to be abundant food and it is unlikely that it is healthy. So I end up drinking and then also snacking on things I wouldn't normally choose. Weekday drinking is usually at happy hour, happy hour is right after work. Since I'm not a morning person, right after work, I have not been to the gym yet. This means weekday drinking results in no workout. Another double whammy. Extra food, no burn.

So in January I started with no drinking thinking I would partake once I hit my monthly poundage goal. Once I hit that goal I was so close to the end of the month (and making my 30 days to cross it off), that I just decided to keep going. This resulted in coming in a SOLID two pounds past my goal and starting off February ahead. #WINNING

As posted before, February is presenting itself with several events where I will be consuming alcohol, but I do plan to tone down. When I used to try and keep up with the boys beer for beer, I think I'll make the cut off after a couple, I don't need to be drinking that much and my lower tolerance shouldn't allow for very much anyways. I'm sticking to the same weight goal for February as before even though I'm starting out ahead, so that means two fewer pounds to worry about, hopefully I can still achieve a loss and be able to have a couple cocktails. If not, back to sobriety until we learn how to lose and drink at the same time. It's a delicate balance.

Do you cut out alcohol when you're trying to lose weight? Is that the first to go or do you try to lose while you're still drinking?

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