Monday, February 15, 2010

one of our best days ever

Today wasn't as good as yesterday. Valentine's Day 2010 wasn't some extravagant, surprising day, but it was amazing. We originally were not planning on doing anything. Not ignoring the commercialized holiday, but not spending any money. We have our one year anniversary coming up when we would celebrate our love and our relationship. It was going to be just a regular Sunday, and it practically was, but it was super special.

What made the day so special? It was probably my ideal Sunday. Wake up a little hung over, grab breakfast burritos from Anitas and grub on those while we watch an episode of Mad Men. Once that was over, just a short wait until Nascar starts. Lots of chores to get done with the race on in the background. I know I'm crazy, but I love making a To Do list and just working my way down it. The laundry got done, the closet got cleaned, the dresser that has been accumulating stuff since Christmas was cleaned off. Lamp shades got vacuumed, I put a serious dent in my book, the grocery list was made. I was grinning every time I crossed something off. We got it ALL done. Usually there are one or two (or ten) nagging things that don't get done and I stress about it all week. Not this time.

We got dressed to do the grocery shopping and headed out to check another item off the list. We had no big plans for dinner and just ended up eating at the Chinese place we usually have delivered. We were able to talk about our hopes and dreams and fears about trying to buy a house. We talked about our families. We just spent time together in that empty restaurant and focused on each other. I went to bed that night having received no card, no flowers, no gifts, and I couldn't have been happier.

Then I had to go back to

How was your Valentine's Day? Was it one to remember?

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  1. I had a great little Valentine's as well. It must be refreshing to start the week off with a clean home - that's what I'm doing tonight since I was a slacker this weekend!