Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Seriously Mother Nature?!?!

We got over two feet of snow last weekend. We're expecting AT LEAST another foot tonight. The roads are terrible, the grocery stores are wiped out, and I'm practically alone in my office today. People from the Northeast think we Washingtonians over react, we don't get snow like this, ever. Thank you Accuweather for this warning....

In case you're wondering, we're under the bubble.


  1. I love the comments such as "These people should hit the liquor stores"...

    I'm also under the bubble.

  2. Love it! I'm bummed b.c. we never had proper snow when I lived in DC. I live for storms like these! Storms force you to sit on your couch for days watching When Harry Met Sally and you can't feel guilty bc you aren't able to (and the state doesn't want you) leaving your home. Southern Cali doesn't have snow days, but we are such wimps that you can work from home when it rains! The weather ppl will seriously say "Don't go on the roads if you don't have to" - and I gladly oblige :)