Tuesday, September 28, 2010

5 Years Ago...

This handsome man and I decided we would date!!!

It was all set in motion a week or so before that fateful day. He came in to visit his friend, Leslie, at work. Lucky for me Leslie was a mutual friend that I also happened to be working with that night. I was complaining that I needed a new love interest as the boy that currently had my attention was not as interested in me as I was in him. So he invited me out with his friends to see a comedy show the next week. He said "There are some great guys in the group, you'll find someone". 

Cue one week later, I'm out for a birthday dinner with my college bestie and had to leave early cause "some guy from Glory Days said I'd like his friends". I showed up to the comedy show and there he was offering me a chair and a drink immediately. Everyone was heading across the street to another bar with the comedians from the show, so I went with them. My gracious host and I ended up at a table by ourselves chatting it up for hours. When we were heading out for the night, we ended the night with a hug and he made the comment "we fit". 

The next day, I went into work thinking about my new crush. I gave Leslie a call to let her know we had hit it off, and asked if it would be weird if I pursued this crush (they had a brief stint dating but decided they would be better off as friends). She gave me the go ahead, phew.

I never did get to meet any of his friends. We ended up talking on the phone that night for about 7 hours. We'll call that Day One. 

Exactly three and a half years after that we would marry.

Photo Credits: 
First picture from our Engagement shoot with The Blonde Photographer 
Wedding picture courtesy of James Berglie

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