Saturday, September 18, 2010

Exciting Saturday Night

What are you guys up to tonight??? We're having a SUPER exciting Saturday.

We started out at 6AM waking up to head out to my sister's house for a yard sale. After making some money and unloading some goods, we packed up and headed out to watch Penn State shut out Kent State!

After returning home for nap time, I woke up and finally finished: 

The whole series was so good. I had a hard time getting into the first book, but about half way through that one I was hooked. I need to definitely check out the movie now!

Once I finished the book we headed to Harris Teeter for my favorite day of the month, Super Double Coupon week. We have to prepare for Super Double Coupons. You want to use up all your $1 and up coupons since they will double up to $1.98. We learned last time that there is a 20 coupon limit per VIC card, so we came prepared with my mom's number as well. There was a grand total of over $80 in savings. Amazing. (Proof for Mary below)

Then it was home to make some brownies. Really I just wanted to use the paddle attachment for my KitchenAid and test out some of my new baking goodies I got for my birthday (Thanks Bunnies!!!). Don't tell Martha or Ree, but I used a box mix.

While those are baking I'm cranking through some laundry.

Not the most exciting Saturday night, but being this productive definitely makes me smile! What are you up to this weekend????

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  1. My SIL just got a slew of those Larssen books for her birthday, I might just have to snag them after she's finished! Have a great weekend! :)