Wednesday, March 9, 2011

101 in 1001: Goals Completed So Far

I am 616 days into my 1001 days to get some goals completed. I thought I’d check in with what I’ve accomplished so far. I have completed 26 of the tasks thus far. I think I’ve knocked out most of the easy ones. With just over a year left, it looks like it will be a busy one! It should give me plenty to blog about along the way. I can’t wait to see how this all ends up.

There are 4 more that will be completed by the end of this month. I’ll share those once I’ve finished them. 

Here is what I've accomplished so far:
1. Start a blog
5. Get an iPhone Received on 7/20/09
18. Take a multi vitamin everyday for a month (30/30)
19. Go one week without soda  November 5-11, 2010
27. Read 10 books of my choosing (10/10)  January 2, 2010
29. Attend a comedy show October 2, 2010
34. Donate hair September 21, 2009
37. Visit THON February 2011
53. Go to a fancy Sunday brunch July 11, 2010
54. Create wedding books for parents December 2009
55. Get a new passport February 11, 2010
59. Read 5 Love Languages September 2, 2009
60. Approve Wedding Album  August 4, 2009
62. Write review for Chris Wells, wedding coordinator Wrote and mailed review on 12/29/09
64. Finish painting condo (entry, kitchen, living room) (3/3) Painted 12/12/09 - 12/13/09
66. Research and if feasible, new blinds for condo December 13, 2009, put up curtains to replace horrible blinds
67. Prepare fancy five course meal for Tony and I one weekend June 4, 2010
71. Bake cake or cupcakes for 5 birthdays (5/5) 12/15/2009
73. Hang up framed invite and wedding pictures in bedroom (1/18/2010)
77. Buy a new couch Bought a Pottery Barn couch after too many bloody marys!!! Ooops! 7/11/10
80. Drink red wine from fancy carafe Rad Red Wine, James River Cellars 7/27/09
82. See a Pens game outside of Washington November 14, 2009 Pens won!!!! 
86. Take Tony to a Nascar race September 12, 2009 (MET BRIAN!!!!)
87. Send Christmas cards to friends and family December 2010
91. Pick fruit from an orchard October 10, 2010, Apples at Marker-Miller Orchards
93.  Buy one thing from RueLaLa December 16, 2009, Kate Spade Glassware

Unfortunately I think there are about 6 items that I won’t be able to complete. I should go ahead and put the $10 for each of those into Savings sooner than later. 

Do you have a 101 in 1001 list? How far from being done are you?

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