Thursday, March 24, 2011

Do dreams have meanings?

I have some CRAZY intense vivid dreams all the time. I have thought several times of keeping a record of them, some of them are so vivid I feel like I could write screenplays from them. I've never really read into my dreams, thinking they mean anything. I had one last night that seemed pretty symbolic, so I started Googling meanings of certain things, and I don't agree with any of them.

I dreamt that I was driving a car full of friends to a friend's wedding out of town. Right before we got to where the wedding would be, there was a HUGE bridge. It was super tall and super steep to go up and over. My little car barely made it to the top and going back down was like a roller coaster where you couldn't see the bottom of the hill. I tried twice to get to the bottom of the bridge and both times the car didn't make it, it was too steep. We would end up safely on the ground, but off course.

I thought for sure the bridge had some meaning, but when I Googled it, every result said that bridges represent a decision that you are having trouble to make*. I can't think of what the decision could possibly be. I am so at peace with our home situation at the moment and am no longer anxious to move. There aren't any huge decisions to be made at work. I can't think of what it could possibly be.

I also looked up the meaning of cars in dreams, again, can't figure out what it could mean. What I've read** is that the car is representative of what your psyche is experiencing of your waking life. What is going on in the car or what happens to the car is representation of what is going on in your life. Who is driving could show who you feel is in control of your life. If there is a crash, how you crash is apparently symbolic. Were you hit by someone else? Water or ice send the car out of control? In my dream, I was driving, and when the car went off the road, it was my fault, but no one was hurt. So apparently I feel in control of my life, but when my life wrecks, it's my fault? Again, hard to agree with these meanings.

Sometimes my dreams are just vivid stories, nothing symbolic like bridges or car crashes. I don't think anything of them. I'll dream about something going on at work or something that hubs and I saw on TV.

Do you look into the meanings or symbolism of your dreams or do you just take them as entertainment the next morning as you remember everything?

*Bridge interpretations found here.

**Car interpretations found here.

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