Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Brain Dump

We have a lot going on right now, so busy. We have had a couple of weekends free (or only lightly scheduled) and they have been FABULOUS. It looks like our spring/summer calendar is already filling up at a rapid pace, we have more booked weekends through August than open already. This means my lazy Sunday mornings in bed and a weekly deep cleaning of every corner of the house is over. On a brighter note, there is so much coming up in the next couple of weeks to make up for this!!! So here goes my brain dump...

First, Dancing With The Stars starts next week. I'm a recent convert to the show, I just started watching 2 seasons ago. With the line up this season, I know I'm going to be hooked and up well past my bedtime each night to watch. I can't wait to see Chad Ocho Cinco, he is hilarious. I became an 85 lover when we watched the Bengals Training Camp on HBO last summer. I follow him on twitter and he is always good for a laugh each and every day. Kate Gosslin, kinda watching just to see how bad she is going to be. I think she'll be able to get by for 4-5 weeks but when the truly better dancers start rising to the top, she'll get the boot. I'm interested to see Pam Anderson, Niecy Nash, Shannen Doherty and Erin Andrews do. There is usually one who you think will be real good get eliminated weeks 1 or 2 and then one who you had doubts about make it to the end, Kelly Osbourne anyone???? Bachelor Jake? Not enough charisma to last, but Evan Lysacek will be on until the end. I will probably try to Live Blog for this show. So stay tuned if you are a DWTS fan.

Second, we are going to New York for a week at the end of the month. Our one year anniversary is rapidly approaching and we will spend it sightseeing, eating out, and hanging out with our friends in Manhattan. We are taking the train up and then staying with one of my bridesmaids for a couple nights. We'll be staying at The Pierre for our actual anniversary and a dinner at Peter Luger, supposedly the best steak in the world. The rest we're just playing by ear. Where ever Bridesmaid M and her husband want to go by night to show us around and all of the cheesy touristy stuff while they work by day. We will finish the week staying with one of my high school besties and her boyfriend in Hoboken. It's going to be a fun and super relaxing trip. Any suggestions for while we're there?

Third, in preparation for this trip (and to jump start the effort for the 12 days I'll be in Barbados this summer) I'm attempting yet another quick fix diet. Somehow before the wedding I could lose weight with no effort. I stopped working out a month prior and kinda watched what I ate, but the anxiety for the upcoming day took off any additional weight. Apparently AFTER the wedding no such luck. I ate the same as I did before, exercised more, actually putting effort into losing weight and only managed to gain, and I gained a LOT. So now I'm loading up on the fruits and veggies as my main staples to any meal and all of my snacks. Getting my protein and dairy with main meals. This cuts out most of the carbs (I know fruit has some, but oh well) and munching on grapes or apple slices is much better than even granola bars. I was STARVING yesterday, but I'm adjusting already. We'll see if I can keep this up for the 10 more days until we hit the Big Apple.

Fourth, have you heard of Formspring yet? You can ask any question to people on there. Several of the bloggers I follow answer questions every couple of days. You can create an account and label your questions, or just ask anonymously. I'm addicted. Since hubs has been the only one to ask me any questions, I just ask others whatever I can think of and read all of their wacky answers. You can ask me anything here.

I think that about wraps it up for today! I hope everyone is having a good week so far and is looking forward to the SPRING weather that is on it's way!!!

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