Monday, March 22, 2010

Dancing With The Stars

STARTS TONIGHT!!!! Can't wait. I'm going to try to live blog the premier tonight, we'll see how it goes. If you'll be watching on your DVR, don't read my spoilers!!!

update (8:15PM): no LIVE blogging. Husband won't change the channel. He is watching "one more period" of the Penguins/Red Wings game. DWTS is recording, I will be on a delay. Ugh. Something about compromise and having to share one tv...blah blah blah OCHO CINCO IS ON(!!!!) why are we still watching HOCKEY? The man has to wake up at like 4AM and usually I can convince him to go to bed by 7:59. Not tonight.  The stupid red light on the DVR is taunting me.

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